Timelapse video of an evening at Feynan

We were very pleased to welcome the “A Broad Abroad” team from Yahoo TV to film at Feynan Ecolodge last week. They will be making a series of short travel programmes all about Jordan which we are really excited to be a part of.

As well as their normal filming, one of their cameramen Ricky Montalvo filmed this short timelapse sequence of their night at Feynan.

Can you spot the shooting star? Just like in Jordan’s other famous desert Wadi Rum, the stars at Feynan are an amazing setting for an evening’s stargazing and we see lots of shooting stars most nights from our rooftop

You can follow Ricky (@rickymontalvo) and Feynan (@Feynan Ecolodge) on Instagram for more!

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New Telescope for Stargazing at Feynan Starting September 15th

From the open rooftop terrace of Feynan Ecolodge, guests lie back on pillows and floor-mattresses to gaze up at uninhibited views of the Milky Way, shooting stars, and even planets.

Feynan’s remoteness further lends to stargazing as there is virtually no light pollution (ever notice how only a handful of stars appear in the city?).

In Feynan, thousands of cosmic bodies are visible to the naked eye. From September 15th, guests that wander up to the rooftop terrace after dinner will be able to gaze on all of those stars and planets with even more detail with a new 10 inch Meade telescope. A seasoned astronomer has been training staff on astronomy and the proper use of the large telescope.

With this telescope, guests will be able to see the rings on Saturn, the details of nebulae and faraway galaxies. For reservations, please visit: http://feynan.com/reservations.php#flash01.