Top 12 Reasons William and Kate Should Honeymoon at Feynan Ecolodge

Prince William and Kate, we’ve heard you might be coming to Jordan on your honeymoon. Here are the top 12 reasons why we believe you should spend some time at Feynan Ecolodge in Dana Biosphere Reserve.

  1. You’ll have your very own candlelit room. How much more romantic could it get?
  2. You’ll dine under the stars by candle light in the desert. Kate will be swept off her feet.
  3. Your honeymoon will be greener than green as all of your electricity and hot water needs will be generated through renewable resources.
  4. Get lost in Dana Biosphere Reserve as you hike, mountain bike, and take canyoning adventures.
  5. You can stretch out in the comfort of our rooftop terrace to gaze at the stars with virtually no light pollution.
  6. You’ll be treated like royalty (oops, you already are) by the local Bedouin renowned for their hospitality.
  7. A portion of what you pay is dedicated the conservation of nature and protection of endangered species in Dana Biosphere Reserve.
  8. Bedouin party for three days instead of one: The Bedouin of Feynan take three days to celebrate a wedding, and we’ll throw you a zeffeh (traditional Jordanian dance and song) when you arrive.
  9. Paparazzi free: Feynan is 8 km from the nearest road and is secluded in a quiet, breathtaking corner of the reserve.
  10. Bedouin drink more tea than the British: You’ll always be welcome to a local family’s tent whenever you fancy some tea.
  11. You’ll take a ride on the world renowned camels of Abu Abdullah.
  12. You’ll get to see the sun dip into the sandy dunes of Wadi Araba on our complimentary sunset hike that departs the lodge each evening.